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Moore student critically injured after falling off school bus

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MOORE, Okla. – A Moore teenager was rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon after falling from a school bus.

Police said the 13-year-old student had grabbed onto the outside window but the bus driver didn’t know it and took off down the road.

The boy is a student at Highland East Junior High.

Another student who was also on the bus said shortly after this boy got off the bus other students yelled for him to jump back on.

He did and then had to hang on for dear life as the bus driver drove off.

Nita Humphreys was in the front yard of her Moore home when she was the school bus drive by.

“The bus came down the street and he was hanging from the side window,” she said. “As he got out here in front, he fell or let go, one or the other, but he landed face down and wasn’t moving. It was very scary because I seriously thought he was going under the bus.”

Humphreys immediately called 911 and ran to check on the boy.

“He wasn’t moving, wasn’t making any noise or anything, really scared me,” Humphreys said.

“The EMS on the scene described it as a serious head condition, I guess from hitting his head on the curb or the sidewalk, whatever he fell onto,” Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said.

Police said the 13-year-old boy had just gotten off the bus at the stop in his neighborhood when he decided to jump back on the outside of the bus, grabbing onto the window.

They’re conducting an investigation but don’t believe the bus driver did anything wrong.

“Obviously the child’s at fault for running and getting, really don’t think there’s a lot the bus driver could’ve done,” Sgt. Lewis said. “I don’t think that he was looking for a child to jump on the window of the bus.”

“Well I mean you would think he’d be old enough to know better but I guess kids are kids,” Humphreys said.

The boy was taken to OU Medical Center.

Police did not have an update on his condition Monday night.