MWC man arrested naked on way to work

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Authorities have arrested a man who gave those on the way to work and school quite a show Tuesday morning.

Police arrested 21-year-old Carlton Bell after they said he had stripped down to his birthday suit. 

About 7:30 a.m., Midwest City police were flooded with calls about a naked man.

In one 911, call a person said, "There's a man taking his clothes off."

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said, "The only thing he was wearing was a beanie cap." 

Police arrested Bell for indecent exposure.

Chief Clabes said, "We received probably thirty 911 calls on a man without clothes walking near a local elementary school."

Clabes said the Bell told them he was on his way to work and just decided to take off his clothes. 

Bell is behind bars on an $845 bond.

Authorities said they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.