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Freeze threatens flowers, plants

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Heads up to those of you with plants and flowers outside.

Ice fell from trees Wednesday, a sure sign mother nature isn't making it easy for gardeners.

"It's a huge deal," Linda Vater said. "[It's] terribly frustrating to think you spend a lot of time energy and resources into creating a garden and then mother nature can basically give you a slap down in a short amount of time."

After creating her landscape for more than 20 years, Vater isn't going down without a fight.

"You can simply take a bucket or an empty pot and cover it."

Vader said annual blooming flowers and tomatoes will need to be brought inside or covered.

"Use sheets or some kind of fabric, row cover, to cover flowering shrubs like hydrangeas, azaleas," Vater said.

That's exactly what Home Depot workers did to save their plants.

The company has a lot to lose and said customers do as well.

"If they've come in and bought their plants early this year and take them out put them in the ground and don't offer some kind of protection, then I would say they have a 70, good 70, 75-percent chance of losing their investment," Sonny Guyer said.

Cold tolerant flowers like pansies and tulips can make it through the cold snap.

Some experts said to shake the excess ice off your trees to keep branches from breaking.

Others said leave the ice on because it will act as a blanket from the cold temperatures.