Computer glitch strands Oklahomans at airport

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thousands of travelers ended up grounded and stranded after American Airlines had to cancel or delay hundreds of flights due to a glitch in the computer system.

Flights were still coming in late in Oklahoma City as of 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Passengers could only wait at Will Roger's Airport.

'It's fairly annoying," passenger Dan Snell.

Computer systems went down.

Schedules and passenger records were inaccessible from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

It set an estimated more than 200,000 flyers back hours, even a whole day for some.

"Sort of a headache because I'll have to reschedule and my husband will be on the other end not so happy," Monta Lucas said.

"The personnel were not able to access anything," Will Roger's Airport Spokesperson Karen Carney said. "They couldn't even access your record or even your ticket. So it was really frustrating on both sides of the coin today, for the travelers and employees."

However, in the chaos of rescheduling and finding a ride home, there was a bright spot for one mother.

"This is the frosting on the cake for a momma," Leeann Wortham said.

Wortham was supposed to go home to Seattle, but she was turned away or delayed when American Airlines grounded all flights.

"I will not be able to make my connection but I get another day with my daughter," she said.

Airport employees said they're used to bad weather holding up flights but a computer glitch grounding all flights is unusual.

"It can put a stress on flying but uncertainties happen in life," Wortham said.

With the waiting behind her, she looks forward to one more night with her daughter.

American Airlines isn't sure what caused the glitch but they are waiving all fees for rescheduling.

As for those planning on picking someone up, airport employees say make sure to check with American Airlines to see what time that flight will be landing because it could be hours later than usual.

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