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Thief targets teacher at Edmond gas station

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EDMOND, Okla. - A quick trip to the gas station ended up costing a family a lot of money.

The Edmond family said a woman stole their truck at the onCue gas station on 9th St. and Boulevard Tuesday afternoon.

Parked at a crowded gas station, Michael Mouser was after one thing, a fountain drink.

That drink ended up costing him his old Chevy truck.

"It was more of a sinking feeling in my stomach, just devastated," Mouser said.

It was just a hand-me-down truck.

It has duck tape over a broken tail light and a bent bumper.

It wasn't perfect but it's the only thing Mouser had.

The special education teaching assistant left his truck running with his cell phone in the seat while he went after the drink.

"Takes about all of two minutes," Mouser said.

For a thief, two minutes and an unlocked truck made an easy target.

For detectives, a cell phone inside the truck meant possible communication with the crook.

So they called and a woman answered.

"She said that it was nothing personal, she was trying to get home and hung up on them," Mouser said.

Mouser's wife, Laura Hawkey, said stealing is personal.

She too is a special ed teacher and said they needed that truck.

"We're struggling too and we are working really hard to try not to struggle any more so that puts us at a huge loss," Hawkey said.

Now, the family continues to text the stolen cell phone hoping the thief has a conscience which will lead to the truck's return.

Police remind all drivers to keep your doors locked and take the keys with you when you go somewhere; situations like this can happen to anyone.

The license plate number of the 2001 Chevy Silverado is 689 GBB.

Call police if you see the truck.