Former judge surrenders accused of cattle theft, embezzlement

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CHANDLER, Okla. – A former Lincoln County judge surrendered to authorities Thursday.

He is facing charges of cattle theft and embezzlement.

Craig Key, 47, was arraigned in Lincoln County.

His bond set at $10,000.

While he awaits trial he’ll have to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet.

He’s also been ordered to stay within 100 miles of Chandler, surrender his passport and have no contact with witnesses or co-defendants.

Key faces seven felony counts.

Two others have also been indicted.

His attorney, Cheryl Ramsey, spoke briefly after Thursday’s court appearance maintaining her client’s innocence.

“We filed motions today to preserve our right to have a preliminary hearing,” Ramsey said. “You have to do that if it’s a Grand Jury indictment. We’ve also requested transcripts and we’ve done everything we need to do in order to preserve our rights in order to go to trial in this case and win.”

Key has also turned in his license with the Oklahoma Bar Association and resigned as an attorney.

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