Local women raise money for Boston bombing victims

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's been almost two weeks since the Boston Marathon bombing.

With the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon coming up on Sunday, many said they feel running in our marathon is a way to honor the victims lost in both tragedies.

When Diana Nguyen and Rachel Webb first heard about the Boston bombing, they said  something had to be done.

"Oklahoma City is...I feel like we`re a very tight-knit city; we`ve been through something similar," Webb said. "I think those are feelings what we had before. It`s just a crazy time and 'what can we do to help,' is where all of our questions landed."

The two contacted a design company to create a "Run For Boston" t-shirt they could sell to raise money for the victims.

Since Nguyen grew up in Boston before moving to Oklahoma, both cities have a special place in her heart.

"I kinda have ties to both places," Nguyen said. "It was crazy that it just happened to happen the same week as our own bombing anniversary."

The t-shirt is full of symbolism, displaying a shoelace looping around to honor the runners, the dates of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing written on the shoelace and the skyline of Boston with the words "Run For Boston" front and center.

The shirt was designed to help victims in Boston and to remember the lives lost in Oklahoma City.

"We knew that we could really get Oklahomans and runners to unite together and commemorate both events at the same time," Nguyen said.

The response they got surprised the girls.

"We set $1,000 as a lofty goal," Webb said. "We thought, `Oh, that would be awesome if we could say we donated $1,000."

They needed a minimum of 24 orders; in one week, they sold almost 600 shirts.

"The final number came in around $5,500," Webb said. "We`re just blown away."

Nguyen and Webb said they've gotten many more people asking if they would be selling the shirts again in the future.

Right now, the two are not planning on it but said they may reconsider if they get enough interest.

If you want to donate to Boston bombing victims, you can visit onefundboston.org.