Man outraged over sexual shipment

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Whether you work in retail or you're a customer, you know how difficult the shopper-worker relationship can be when things aren't going smoothly.

For one local man, a confrontation at the Tractor Supply in Shawnee got out of control after he said an employee at that store sent him a sexually explicit package in the mail.

Ralph Polnicky said he still can't believe what's inside the package he received two months ago.

"We were aghast, I mean, we were absolutely shocked by what's in this box," he said. "My wife was, just, 'Oh my God! What, who is this? What do they want? What are they going to do next?'"

Inside, a replica of the male anatomy with "Tractor Supply. Don't come back!!" written on it.

"Don't come back" is a familiar phrase to the former military man.

He said a Tractor Supply employee shouted that at him after he confronted them about taking too long to order a product.

That confrontation happened back in Oct. and Polnicky finally got what he ordered.

Four months later, he received the package.

News Channel 4 spoke with Tractor Supply and employees.

They acknowledged hearing about the package but couldn't say anything about it.

Just that the situation has been handed over to their headquarters in Tennessee.

Polnicky said the delivery would surprise anyone and other customers agree.

"It would shock me but at the same time it would upset me quite a bit," Derek Woody said. "I would have whoever done that fired."

Polnicky said that's what he wants; Tractor Supply to hold someone accountable for the "private" parcel.

He said he feels Tractor Supply ignored his issue.

"I've certainly been offended," he said. "My wife's been terrified."

Attorney Ed Blau said it's not a crime to send someone a package with a sexual device inside but a civil suit could be filed for emotional damages.

Tractor Supply headquarters didn't return our calls but sent us this statement:

"We are aware of the situation and have completed a thorough internal investigation into the matter. While we will adhere to the Company’s policy of handling any and all internal personnel matters in a confidential manner, we can state that our thorough investigation provided no basis to conclude that a Tractor Supply Company team member is responsible for this unfortunate situation."

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