Pres. Obama addresses Syria, Tsarnaevs, gay rights

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WASHINGTON - One hundred days into his second term, with new terrorist concerns in the homeland and worries about terror-type weapons in the Middle East, Pres. Obama warned Syria that using poison gas would provoke what he called "additional American action.

Tuesday Pres. Obama made clear he is considering military moves against the Syrian government  in a press conference.

To win support, the president is sending Secretary of State John Kerry to Russia, where the other big issue will be Boston.

The Russians did not share all they had on the Tsarnaevs and American agencies failed to uncover the plot.

Pres. Obama has ordered a top level probe but he's not pointing fingers.

"The FBI performed its duties, Department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing but this is hard stuff," the president said.

So is GITMO, where a hunger strike by the War on Terror detainees has Pres. Obama demanding to know why congress keeps the prison open.

But there is a bright spot; the NBA's Jason Collins, who the president said helped a lot of young people.

"Gay or lesbian, who are struggling with these issues, to see a role model like that who's unafraid, I think it's a great thing," Pres. Obama said.

Pres. Obama said what is not fair to the economy is sequestration and congress making an exception for air travel instead of ending the across-the-board spending cuts.

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