Yukon fight calls school policy into question

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YUKON, Okla. - A fight between girls at Yukon High School captured on cell phone video has the internet buzzing.

The violence is hard to watch but the video highlights a school policy some said can leave students vulnerable.

The policy suspends all students involved in a fight, even if one side is defending themselves from an attacker.

"Yukon High School does not advocate violence from fighting; we want to ensure a safe and secure environment for our students," principal Joe Meziere said.

"Legally we would not have charged her if she fought back in this circumstance," Yukon police Lt. Ron Matthews said. "That video was very clear that she was literally jumped."

"The idea that if she defended herself that she would somehow be punished is on the level of absurdity," Attorney David Slane said.

He said this policy could make the school liable and potentially set them up for future lawsuits.

"If parents realize their children are supposed to stay there and be beaten, they will have a lot say," Slane said. "I bet if the school police officer was attacked he would defend himself and the same for a teacher. I certainly don't think we should expect the student not to defend themselves."

The fist-slinging sister duo accused of the brutal beating will be charged with assault and battery, according the police.

Principal Meziere said they look at each individual incident but the policy remains the same.

Attorney Slane said ultimately the school board does have the legal right to set those parameters.

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