School singles out overweight students in ‘fat meeting’

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HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C.—A group of parents are outraged after a middle school singled out their children because of their weight.

Cheasta Scheller said, “They weren’t pulled individually, they were pulled in as a group. So everyone there knew who else was there and by the time they were done and got to the next school period, it was labeled the fat meeting.”

As part of a national effort to prevent childhood obesity, a South Carolina school conducted a health and body mass index screening on all of their students.

They identified 40 students who they say are at risk of becoming obese.

The school offered meetings with nutritionists to discuss better eating habits with the students.

However, some parents say the way the school went about it was all wrong.

Melissa Bairfoot said, “If you’re going to offer a nutrition class, like I said before, you should offer a nutrition class for everyone. Underweight people are just as unhealthy.”

One child called to the meeting is autistic.

His mom says he has been bullied all his life and now this adds fuel to the fire.

Another parent says her child has refused to eat since being called out.

Some school officials believe it was handled incorrectly and the principal has since issued a letter of apology.

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