Unlicensed locksmith complaints on the rise

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Many Oklahomans believe the safest place for their families is inside their own home but the Oklahoma Department of Labor is warning homeowners about a potential threat could be coming through your front door.

Officials with the department say they have received an alarming number of unlicensed locksmith complaints.

Licensed contractors are forced to go through a criminal background check, which unlicensed locksmiths avoid.

Authorities with the department are organizing sting operations where inspectors are waiting to verify the licenses of workers.

Sunday, a person who advertises on the internet nearly hit two inspectors with his vehicle as he fled the scene when asked to provide verification that he was licensed.

Commissioner Mark Costellos said, “Consumers would not invite a stranger into their home and then turn over their keys to the stranger; yet, the consumer might be inviting into their home an unlicensed locksmith whose criminal background prevents them from obtaining a state license.”

The Oklahoma Department of Labor is advising customers to ask for a license from any locksmith or alarm company working in their home.

If you have any questions or concerns, call 1-888-269-5353 and ask for the Alarm & Lock Unit.

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