Experts on protecting garden in Okla. cold snaps

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The bright flowers already in full bloom look out-of-place against Thursday's gloomy weather.

With 80 degree temperatures at the beginning of the week and record lows expected Friday, the weather caught gardeners all across the state by surprise.

Many people are worried about what this late cold snap will do to their plants.

Green thumbs said there are a few simple things you can do to help keep them alive.

If possible, move plants and flowers inside your house or garage, that will give them a little extra heat.

There are other things you can do if you can't move them indoors.

Robert Wehrle is familiar with gardening and farming; he works at TLC.

"The easiest and most common thing you'll see is people cover their plants up with bedsheets, pillowcases work well for shrubs and stuff like that," he said.

There are also some high-tech options as well.

"Here we have a plant and seed blanket," Wherle said. "That'll help out a lot but you'll want to put something under it to kind of get it up off the plants so it's not just smothering it."

A product called "The Wall of Water" helps keep heat around plants.

Casters make it easier to move those larger plants to shelter.

You can buy most of these products at any garden store.

It's an investment experts said is worth making with the ups and downs of Oklahoma weather.

"Give them that little bit of TLC." Wherle said. "It'll go a long way."

It should be safe to uncover your plants and put them back outside by Saturday.

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