Boston cemetery in spotlight, burial plot for bombing suspect

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HAMDEN, Conn. – A community cemetery in Connecticut is now coming under the hot glare of national attention.

It may be the final resting place for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who died in a shootout with police.

A Connecticut resident offered to donate a burial plot at Mt. Carmel Burying Ground in Hamden, Connecticut.

The man, who is a Yale Divinity school graduate, said his mother taught him in Sunday school to “love thine enemy” and that sparked his desire to donate the plot.

The president of the cemetery told a local publication he has no say over who can be buried at the cemetery.

That doesn’t sit well with residents who have family in the burial grounds.

Hamden resident Butch Butterworth said, “”This doesn’t make any sense, this person is not from the community, doesn’t have family here and has no business being buried here.”