Fire destroys 100-year-old building, businesses

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TUTTLE, Okla. - A devastating fire destroys a prominent historical building in Tuttle.

It broke out early Tuesday morning in their 100-year-old bank building which was home to several businesses.

The fire overwhelmed Tuttle's fire department and crews from other areas raced to the town to lend a hand.

"All of our neighbors have come to help us, including Oklahoma City," Captain Larry Steverson said. "We`re grateful to those folks for coming out."

The fire started on the second floor, near the kitchen of Grady's Pub.

Danny Self owns a barber shop in the building and said he can't believe it's gone now. Tuttle fire

"In my mind, I had it pictured to be a very small fire," Self said. "But when I saw it, it was shocking. It was devastating. If those walls could talk, there`s no telling what kind of stories you would hear."

Self is now waiting to see if anything is salvageable from his shop.

He said he believes his faith will see him through.

"It was in the Lord`s hands and he only knows," Self said. "We`ll go with that and take it from there."

The state fire chief has been called in to do a complete investigation.

He'll determine what exactly caused the fire.