Jury seated for fire chief murder trial

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EL RENO, Okla. - Eight women and four men were seated for jury Tuesday at the Canadian County Courthouse for the first-degree murder trial of Rebecca Bryan, who is accused of killing her husband, Keith Bryan, at their Mustang home in Sept. 2011.

Keith Bryan was the Nichols Hills Fire Chief.

He died after being shot in the head while sitting on a couch.

Rebecca Bryan claimed an intruder killed her husband but she was arrested shortly after police found a gun in the clothes dryer.

"She's just happy that the process, now it's proceeding," defense attorney Gary James said.

Last week, Bryan shed tears but James said that was only after he shared new defense evidence with her.

"The tear deal was more, some good news," he said. "Some things I had established, it wasn't a bad thing."

Before seating a jury of eight women and four men, James spent part of Tuesday asking potential jurors about their opinion of the media and what they've heard about Rebecca's actions that night.

Some jurors said the media sensationalized stories and they can't be trusted.

James was trying to uncover potential bias.

"To ensure that they hear this case from what's in the courtroom and not from television or anything else," he said.

James also asked jurors about their opinion of extra marital affairs.

"Because there's potentially going to be evidence to that effect," he said.

On the night of the shooting, Bryan allegedly called a former lover and left a message saying she would be inheriting a large amount of money.

One juror said marriage is sacred, and when he hears about cheating, he didn't know if he could set that aside.

Not long after, he and two other jurors were excused from the court.

Two alternate jurors will be selected Wednesday morning.

Opening statements are expected to follow.