Farmer rams new homes with tractor

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EDMOND, Okla. – Two brand new homes and they already need remodeling.

Edmond police said someone recently came into a subdivision near 2nd St. and I-35 and went on an alcohol-fueled rampage.

Two houses and electrical box were rammed with a backhoe according to Edmond police spokesperson, Jenny Monroe.

“If he would have gone just a few inches farther back, he could have been electrocuted,” she said.

The tractor shattered windows, shredded a garage door and peeled back brick walls.

Monroe told us, “They could see heavy tractor marks across the property. We followed the tracks. One way in. One way out.”

Police didn’t have to look very far for their suspect.

They followed the tracks down a narrow dirt road. 

They found a farm and the tractor about a quarter of a mile away from this new subdivision.

Witnesses identified 65-year old Michael Fightmaster as the culprit.

He’s not talking to us, but according to the police report, Fightmaster told police he is “very upset about the development taking 100 square feet of his property” and that he is “tired of the constant noise … “

Contractors said they are very familiar with Michael Fightmaster.

Enrique Rodriguez said,”The guy says he’s tired of everybody making lots of noise and traffic, the big machines. Lots of noise.”

He’ll likely hear even more noise now, as contractors are forced to repair nearly $85,000 in property damage.

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