Jury hears phone call between alleged murderer and ex lover

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EL RENO, Okla. – A Mustang woman, accused of murdering her husband of 33 years at their home, watched a former lover testify about her alleged obsession with him, Thursday afternoon at the Canadian County courthouse.

Becky Bryan is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection to the fatal shooting of Keith Bryan, the Nichols Hills Fire Chief, in Sept. 2011.

Mark Holbrook testified he and Becky had an affair in 2009 for more than four months after meeting at a real estate brokers course in Moore.

But Holbrook said when she started becoming manipulative, his view of her changed and he broke off the relationship in early 2010.

The jury heard a phone conversation between the two, recorded by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, on the morning after Keith Bryan had been shot in the head.

Holbrook could be heard on the phone saying he couldn’t believe what happened to Keith, especially after getting a voicemail from Becky, during which she discussed an inheritance she would be getting.

But during the conversation, Becky could be heard asking about their past affair.

When she asked Holbrook if he still hated her, he said considering Keith had just been shot, “that’s crazy talk, Becky.”

Holbrook said if she needed to hear that for closure, then he would say it.

Earlier in the day, a friend of the Bryan’s, Jana Hickman, testified she raced over to their home after hearing about the shooting and found Becky on the back patio.

Hickman said Becky was on the phone, laughing and describing how Keith was bleeding and convulsing.

She said Becky was the only one telling people Keith was dead, even though he was still alive.

Hickman said Becky was on the phone for hours after the shooting, talking about funeral plans and telling someone that it would be hard to sell their house because someone had died in the home.

Holbrook’s testimony continues Friday morning.

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