Lions and tigers and bears… in tacos?

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TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida restaurant called “Taco Fusion” is creating an uproar with some of the meats they serve.

Bison, shark and ostrich are their usual fare but that have added a new one to the menu, the king of the jungle, lion.

The lion meat comes from an approved distributor and is raised for the purpose of human consumption.

Taco Fusion’s Brad Barnett said, “It is not like someone is pulling up in the back with a truck with a carcass from the Serengeti and saying, ‘Hey, I got this meat, do you want to buy it,’ No it is, it is all from approved sources.”

Customer Becky Holbrook said, “We have enough good stuff to eat without going after lions and bears and all the other animals that they intend to sell tacos.”

But the manager said, if there’s a market for the $35 tacos, he’ll continue to offer them.

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