Okla. man rams car, punches officer, thwarts multiple tases

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - It was quite the fiasco to take a man into custody after he led police on a chase.

Police said 24-year-old Justin Stark allegedly hit a car with a woman and her small child inside and left the scene earlier this week.

Court records state when police arrived, Stark was nowhere to be found.

Authorities "followed the fluid trial and noticed a white Chevrolet pickup that was traveling completely in the opposite lane of travel" and veering back and forth with "smoke coming from the hood."

Grady County Assistant District Attorney Amanda Mullins said, "What we later learned is that the defendant rammed this car."

Stark finally pulled over, his car half on the curb, half off.

"He became very belligerent and very violent," Mullins said. "The police attempted to subdue him even going as far as tasing him. It unfortunately did not work."

Records state Stark was on the phone and told officers "he would hang up when he was finished" and "was not getting out of the vehicle." 

That's when an officer grabbed Stark's arm and pulled him from the truck.

The officer said Stark held on to the steering wheel and starting punching the officer in the face. 

Authorities said they fought back but with little luck. 

"They had to tase him multiple times," Mullins said. "He ended up punching one officer in the face and he ended up biting another officer and latching on to him and they again had to tase him to get him to cooperate."

But that didn't work well either.

Grady County police said Stark was able to "grab the cables and probes" from the taser and "yank them loose." 

"It became so chaotic that several officers involved trying to subdue him and nothing worked and they had to keep tasing," Mullins said.

Finally, after one crazy battle, an officer placed the taser on Stark's shoulder-blade and gave it one full cycle. 

It worked and they took the beaten, tased and bruised Stark into custody.

Grady County officers said they noticed an odor of alcohol on Stark's breath and said his speech was slurred.

Stark is now facing several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, assault on a police officer and leaving the scene of an accident.

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