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Full-auto machine guns; Newest attraction in Sin City

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LAS VEGAS - Gambling, girls and guns? Everywhere you turn, there are billboards and buses advertising this unique, firearms experience.

The rapid fire attraction draws thousands of adventure seekers, bachelor parties, even "shotgun" weddings.

"Sometimes they have really nice jackets on," Range Master Gary Martinez said. "Let's shoot it. We'll put holes in a $600 jacket because his buddies talked him into it and he'll wear it proudly down The Strip."

Attractive women check you in and brief you on a selection of obscure, exotic and full auto machine guns.

"That's what people come in for, the full auto experience," clerk Dani Dedona said. "I tell them to pick something they know the name of so they can brag about it later."

Customers are carefully screened and everything is done under the supervision of a trained ranger.

"I usually pull them aside, talk to them and say, 'We'd love to have you come back when you're not impaired,'" Martinez said. "Safety is number one at all times."

These ranges cater to gun loving adrenaline junkies and international tourists who come from countries with strict gun laws.

There are currently nine ranges like this around The Strip.

Several large casinos are waiting on the green light to add the firearms experience to their arsenal of adult entertainment.