Great State: Pie Junkie

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Think of all the things that you can cook inside a pie crust.

Darcy Schein and Leslie Coale - Mossman have probably tried it already.

Leslie says, "I've rarely found anything bad about anything in a pie."

"My grandma taught me so we can figure it out," she continues.

They are business partners now but they met on a Mother's Day Out.

Their kids became friends. Roll the dough out a little further on this pie story.

Leslie and Darcy started cooking for friends.

That turned into a little catering, which molded into a wholesale pie business.

Along the way they learned who was good at what.

Leslie says of her partner, "This girl lives by a checklist which is a good thing. I'm glad we have that because I do not live by a checklist."

Darcy chimes in humorously, "Leslie is a hippie."

On this fine Thursday morning the ladies are extra busy.

There are chicken pot pies to pinch.

There are a bunch of wedding orders for one of their more popular recipes, peanut butter chocolate pie.

They're extra busy today because this is a big weekend, a big step in an evolving business recipe.

The partnership that makes up Pie Junkie now has a place to call home.

"I think that's one of the things I like best about our story," says Darcy. "There wasn't one eureka moment where we thought 'we are going to do this. We are, in three years, going to open a pie shop called Pie Junkie ' It was very much an organic process."

They both consider Oklahoma to be a slice of pie country.

People around here know an apple crumble from an apple crisp.

"Everyone who grew up around here has a favorite pie or a favorite pie story," says Leslie.

Leslie and Darcy carry on family traditions.

Leslie's grandmother still calls to make sure they roll their own dough for pie crusts.

"Every time," is her reply. "My grandma says, 'okay, just checking.'"

But their collaboration has an added kick. Good ingredients and just the right amount of time to cook and cool.

For these two, the new recipes are perfect in every way.

The new home of Pie Junkie opened May 10, 2013 at 1711 NW 16th Street in the Plaza District. They are open for business Tuesday through Saturday.

Their website is