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McLoud parents concerned about bullying

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MCLOUD, Okla. – A McLoud mother said she believes her children are being bullied at school and administrators haven’t done enough to stop it.

Kimberly Gamble said when her 13-year-old daughter gets on the school bus, some older students hurl a barrage of insults at her.

They allegedly called her the “b-word,” the “n-word” and teased her about her weight often.

Gamble said she and her husband both called the principal and superintendent repeatedly about the verbal assaults on her daughter and the physical attacks on her son.

“It’s been happening mostly on the bus coming from the school and it’s happened about six times so far,” Gamble said. “They can’t seem to make the bullying stop.”

The family said alleged victims in this case are green belts in Tae Kwon Do and they could physically fight back but they are raising them to not use their fist to solve problems.

“We talked to the superintendent and he says that is not called ‘bullying’ and they don’t see it as bullying,” she said.

At her wits’ end, Gamble has filed a police report.

While she said the principal did address some incidents, the problems remain and she wants them resolved once and for all.

The school released this statement:

“McLoud Public Schools is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment that is free from bullying and harassment.
We take bullying allegations seriously and have a zero tolerance policy. When there is an allegation of someone being bullied on the bus, we watch the bus video to investigate each claim. There were a couple of incidents earlier in the school year which were addressed and lead [sic] to disciplinary action. McLoud Schools does not condone any level or method of bullying. Our students’ education and safety are our priority.”

“The bullying allegation was brought to our attention by KFOR. The allegation was not reported to the bus driver, principal or Superintendent. The Superintendents [sic] office received an anonymous call this morning saying ‘we better be watching Channel 4’. We encourage every student and parent to report any incident of bullying to the bus driver, teacher or principal.”

– Lisa Liebl, Spokesperson McLoud Public Schools