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Saving A Buck: Earning money through social media

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Social media websites are just a part of our vocabulary these days.

For many they are also now a part of your income.

Using social media to make money is a growing industry.

Patrick Allmond, with Focus Consulting, said, "Social media has made it very easy for people to get started in spreading a good idea and business on the Internet."

Allmond is a social media expert who knows a lot about using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make money.

He says building a financial future through social sites is not about sales.

Allmond said, "Be strictly an education based business and people will realize you are the expert and then you find ways to place ads, but you yourself don't sell. Let your knowledge and your expertise sell for you."

He says the key is developing your niche; start with something you know and expand from there.

Allmond says the best idea is to create your own web site and the use social media to direct others to that site.

It's an idea that's taken off for local company

Andy Gin, with, said, "Basically, we help businesses engage and grow in their direct connections."

SpokesME helps companies save money.

Instead of hiring an app developer the companies can use one of SpokesME's pre-made platforms to direct customers to their sites through social media.

Gin said, "We're using social media to engage their target market."

Allmond says it doesn't take any special skill set to make money through social media, just a great idea.

While it definitely takes work, he says it can really pay off.

Allmond said, "I know plenty of people who make thousands and thousands a month and they don't have an actual product."

One thing to keep in mind, if you do start bringing in cash through social media you need to keep track and likely hire an accountant because you will have to start paying taxes on the money coming in.