Ten Commandments parting Muldrow classrooms

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MULDROW, Okla. – The 10 Commandments are a hot topic in Muldrow schools.

For the past two decades, every classroom at Muldrow schools had the Commandments posted, that is until last week.

The Biblical statues came down after a student brought up legal concerns.

Gage Pulliam voiced his complaint to the Freedom of Religion Foundation.

“People think I am attacking their religion,” Pulliam said. “I’m really not. I’m trying to help others so they can feel equal in a world, in a town. I just want them to feel equal.”

Members of the school board told concerned citizens they decided to pull the plaques because, even if the school won the lawsuit, they would be out money.

They said they just can’t afford the fight.

For now, the 10 Commandments will not be posted.