Town confused by murder rumors

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - Rumors of a missing person and possible multiple homicides led a host of agencies to a home in Holdenville.

Authorities surrounded a home on S. Broadway looking for Eric Stephens who was reported missing.

By the time rumor of one homicide got around town, the number of rumored deaths quickly turned to 11.

A neighbor on S. Broadway told News Channel 4 a relative confirmed one death on Facebook and pastor confirmed another.

In both cases the people were found alive and unharmed.

When the tactical team busted down the door, they didn't find anyone inside.

But residents we spoke with said they were still scared about the rumors they heard and even more confused.

"It's really scary, I mean, I didn't go to sleep all night worried about what's going on. It seems crazy," Bernadine Borders said.

She was there to check on her mom who lives across the street from the home being searched.

"There's so much stuff going on we don't know what's true what's not," Selina Binder said.

Despite all of the rumors and speculation, investigators said, right now, their case boils down to a search for Eric Stephens and he was reported missing by his mother.

Authorities said they are unsure if foul play is a factor in his disappearance.

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