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DHS discovers child predator

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. - DHS contacted the Canadian County Sheriff's office about a possible abuse of a young child, which then prompted an investigation of a man who revealed several more of his victims.

The Canadian County Sheriff's office began to investigate James Alan Wall, which then revealed more than expected.

"We just went to the guy's house and knocked on the door and asked him if we could come in and visit with him and asked if we could look at his computers and he signed a consent form and let us do it," Canadian County Undersheriff. Chris West said.

Sheriff's reports state investigators asked Wall if there was something he needed to tell them and it would make him feel better.

What they got was a series of confessions.

"We asked him if he had ever abused any children and he admitted to us that he had sexually abused a number of children under the age of 10," West said. "A lot of times people have the tendency to want to lessen what they've done and they just give you the bare minimum..."

After deputies tried to help Wall relax the confession continued.

"After we got the pretty graphic confession of what he'd done to one 5 year old, we went outside where one investigator gave him a cigarette and he relaxed a little bit more," West said. "During our conversations about abusing small children, we got a number of confessions."

After Wall's series of confessions, the Secret Service got involved and gave him a polygraph test.

During the test he admitted to abusing more young victims, the total currently stands at seven and authorities said they believe there could be more.

"I can't fathom in my wildest dreams why any grown man or any human being would perpetrate these acts on small children they're sick and depraved," West said.