LIVE UPDATES: Oklahoma tornado recovery

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May 20

Live updates from the 4Warn Storm Team on severe weather, tornadoes and damage.

KFOR-TV May 21, 20136:07 pm

O negative blood is the only type of blood currently needed at the blood bank.

KFOR-TV May 21, 20135:39 pm

Moore Schools students and parents are encouraged to come to their school on Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon to collect their things and say goodbye to teachers for the summer break. Plaza Tower students should go to East Lake and Briarwood students should go to Wayland Bonds.

B. White May 21, 20135:04 pm

Sparky Belote took the initiative to be out front of the KFOR Studios this morning at 6:30am to direct traffic for all the donations being dropped off. He’s still here at 5:00pm #volunteersrock

B. White May 21, 20135:00 pm

Still too dangerous to move into the ground zero area of Moore. Authorities and Nat’l Guard (and Highway Patrol) will be working until dusk clearing streets so debris-moving machines can access what’s needed.

KFOR-TV May 21, 20131:00 pm

National Weather Service: tornado was 190MPH

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:59 pm

Prelim report: Tornado path was 17 miles long, EF4 rating. NWS teams still surveying damage

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:55 pm

School officials: Our hearts go out to the families; we are suffering just like you

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:55 pm

Superintendent of Moore schools: we have suffered a devastating loss and are reviewing our emergency procedures. Will still hold graduation

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:46 pm

Gov. Mary Fallin: at least 237 injured from Monday’s tornadoes

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:45 pm

Fire Chief of Moore: Officials have searched most of the homes. They will continue to go through every damaged building 3 times.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:38 pm

FEMA administrator Craig Fugate: Let people know you’re okay so we’re not looking for people we don’t need to be looking for.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:36 pm

FEMA administrator Craig Fugate: Use text-messaging, stay off the phones.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:35 pm

Gov Mary Fallin:”We know bodies have been taken 2 med examiners office but we’ve also heard there may b bodies taken to local funeral homes”

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:32 pm

Gov Fallin: We have set up a hotline for anyone needing assistance 1-800-621-FEMA

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:27 pm

Gov Fallin: We have set up a state website for any one needing assistance,

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:26 pm

Gov Fallin: ‘we will rebuild’ after tornado leaves at least 24 dead.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:25 pm

Gov Fallin: To all the first responders, so many fire, police, emergency personnel- Thank you very very much and job well done to help so many people in need

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:24 pm

Gov Fallin: I had a phone call a few minutes ago with President Obama. FEMA is here to help.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:23 pm

Gov Fallin: The path is 20 miles long, 2 miles in width. We flew over the schools. I got to see the terrible destruction.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201312:23 pm

Gov Mary Fallin: I had the opportunity to fly over the debris, it was hard to look at

KFOR-TV May 21, 201311:13 am

We are expecting a news conference shortly from Moore city officials

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:12 am

The victim’s names are not being released at this time.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:11 am

Amy Elliot: all 24 (victims) came from general Moore area; few from businesses; others in school or house

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:09 am

Amy Elliot: The 51 were reported deceased. We believe the victims were double reported. To my knowledge there are 24 fatalities as of now

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:08 am

Amy Elliot: Death toll could rise. 7 of the young victims were found at the school, 2 were found else where.

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:07 am

Amy Elliot: 24 fatalities from the tornado-9 in which are children

KFOR-TV May 21, 201310:07 am

The medical examiner’s office is expected to hold a news conference shortly

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:13 am

President Obama has ended his news conference

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:13 am

Obama: “We are a nation that stands with our fellow citizens as long as it takes”

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:12 am

Obama: For those that want to help go to the American Red Cross website

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:11 am

Obama: We don’t yet know the full extent of the damage from this week’s storm

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:11 am

Obama: Oklahoma needs to get everything it needs right away

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:10 am

Obama: Neighborhoods were destroyed within an instant.

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:10 am

Obama: “The people of Moore should know that their country will remain on the ground — for them, beside them — for as long as it takes.”

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:09 am

Obama: “Our prayers are with the people of #Oklahoma today.”

KFOR-TV May 21, 20139:08 am

President Obama is addressing the devastation in Oklahoma

KFOR-TV May 20, 201311:34 pm

City of Moore has no running water. Crews working to get it fixed ASAP.

B. White May 20, 201311:14 pm

Tornado track from Moore tornado this afternoon. From nothing to what is believed to be an EF5 tornado in about an hour.

KFOR-TV May 20, 201311:01 pm

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum has over a decade of experience helping children cope with disaster. Here are some resources they have put together to help your children cope with these devastating tornadoes:

KFOR-TV May 20, 201310:55 pm

OCCC is closed Tuesday. All classes have been canceled.

KFOR-TV May 20, 201310:47 pm

Very early Tuesday morning the Today Show’s Matt Lauer will fly with Bob Moore Chopper 4 Pilot Jon Welsh to survey the tornado damage.

Watch LIVE starting Tuesday morning:

KFOR-TV May 20, 201310:34 pm

Storms expected again early Tuesday morning. Storms out by afternoon.

KFOR-TV May 20, 201310:06 pm

OHP enforcing curfew in Moore area damaged by tornado.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:49 pm

If you find displaced animals, you can take them to the Animal Resource Center at 7949 S. I-35 Service Rd. (405) 604-2892. They are also offering displaced people shelter for the night.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:43 pm

As of 9:45 p.m., medical examiner’s office said
51 confirmed deaths
233 confirmed injuries

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:27 pm

@Chesapeake pledging $1M to @RedCross for Oklahoma tornado relief.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:18 pm

Info on how to help Okla. tornado victims and shelter info:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:09 pm

Night falls on the recovery scene at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20139:07 pm

All Moore public schools closed Tuesday.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20138:30 pm

Red Cross has opened a shelter for tornado victims at St. Andrews Church S.W. 119th St. & S. May. in Moore. DETAILS:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20138:17 pm

All children that have not been reunited with their parents are being taken to St. Andrew’s Methodist Church on 119th and South May.

B. White May 20, 20137:55 pm

Reminder – visit the below Red Cross link to register yourself as safe and to search for friends and family members if needed.


KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:34 pm

As many as 37 killed so far in Moore tornado. Number expected to rise. MORE:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:29 pm

Feed the Children is accepting donations of diapers, canned goods, sports drinks and water at their location on 29 N McCormick, their McCormick Distribution Center.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:26 pm

AP: State medical examiner reports 37 people killed in this storm.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:22 pm

Meg Alexander: Some looting reporting at the Moore Medical Center, but the National Guard has been deployed to guard the area.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:18 pm

From John Welsh: West of 19th Street, portable light generators at Briarwood Elementary School, where responders are still at the scene.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:05 pm

Damage in Newcastle.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20137:03 pm

OU opening housing for families displaced by tornado.
Call (405) 325-2511 for help.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:55 pm

Very sad news from KFOR’s Lance West: search and rescue said there don’t appear to be any more survivors at Plaza Towers Elementary. Seven children’s bodies were removed from the school, and they believe 20 to 30 more children may be inside, but do not believe there are any more survivors.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:51 pm

If you know young 9-year-old Kaley Hawkins or her parents, she is at the Healthplex Medical Center off I-35, please call 307-2713.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:49 pm

The recovery effort at Plaza Towers Elementary as the sun sets in Moore.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:32 pm

24 victims are assumed to be in the rubble of the Plaza Towers Elementary school.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:31 pm

The effort at the elementary school is now a recovery mission and not a search rescue effort, according to KFOR’s Lance West.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:22 pm

OU opening housing for displaced families. Getting information and will pass along asap.

B. White May 20, 20136:11 pm

Track of May 3rd, 1999 tornado and today’s tornado very similar.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20136:10 pm is the Red Cross site where you can register yourself as safe, or search for friends and family members.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:59 pm

9 critical and 9 serious condition patients at Southwest Medical Center.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:57 pm

Tornado knocked out Draper water treatment plant. Southeast OKC residents, do not drink water.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:53 pm

Jesse Wells reporting from Eagle and SW 11th, the front of Plaza Towers Elementary seen below:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:47 pm

If you are trying to contact friends or family in the area, you might have a better chance texting rather than attempting to telephone since the connection is spotty.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:45 pm

KFOR’s Meg Alexander reports at least 4 found dead at 4th and Telephone, including a 7 month old baby.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:44 pm

Moore Medical Center

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:41 pm

Ardmore, take shelter now. Tornado headed for you. LIVE COVERAGE:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:38 pm

At least 15 students from Briarwood Elementary at 15613 Vicki Drive in Moore, for parents to pick them up.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:36 pm

Students who were in Plaza Towers Elementary tell KFOR’s Jesse Wells that they were hugging and clinging to the walls of their school as the tornado passed over.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:33 pm

Scene near Moore Cemetery Ridgeway and SW 8th, just north of Plaza Towers Elementary.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:31 pm

KFOR meteorologist Mike Morgan said the path of destruction looks 3x worse than the May 3 tornado outbreak.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:26 pm

It’s an all call for first responders in Moore. If you are an AUTHORIZED first responder, please make your way there. Only authorized first responders at this time, please.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:24 pm

I-35 Southbound shut down at I-240, diverting all southbound traffic to I-40E/B. All lanes are reserved for first responders only.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:22 pm

Emergency officials are going through the Plaza Towers Elementary school in a search and rescue effort.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:17 pm

Warren Theater staging area for first responders, and they are setting up a triage area for injuries by the new IMAX addition.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20135:16 pm

Moore Medical Center hard hit, suffered damage. AMC bowling alley completely demolished.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20134:45 pm

Children being rescued from Plaza Towers elementary. Preliminary report: 75 children taking shelter in school.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20134:38 pm

Some children were sheltered at Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore. Crews said there are some injuries. Working to confirm with Moore schools.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20134:36 pm

Lance West talked to a man who said children were in school hit in Moore & crews are working to pull them out. Working to confirm w with Moore schools.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20134:31 pm

West Moore is letting students out.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20134:29 pm

Tornadoes tear through Moore wiping out neighborhoods, two schools and businesses.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:51 pm

Moore tornado hit Plaza Towers school. Working to confirm other Moore school hit.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:50 pm

Two schools hit in Moore. Bob Moore Chopper 4 over scene.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:41 pm

Major damage reported at S. 149th St. and May in Moore.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:31 pm

Moore tornado may cross Sooner Rd. at 134th St. Get to safe spot underground.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:28 pm

Tornado tracking East into neighborhoods again. Tornado may be 2 miles wide in Moore.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:26 pm

Power flashes on E. of I-35 in Moore. Heavy debris near Warren Theatre. LIVE storm coverage:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:20 pm

Mile and quarter wide tornado S. 16th St. to S. 166th St. Heaviest debris on 119th st.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:17 pm

West Moore, Mid-Del students being held at school until storm passes.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:13 pm

Center of Moore tornado May Ave. and S. 19th. Going towards Warran Theatre, West Moore High School. Watch LIVE:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:09 pm

Mile-wide wedge tornado in Moore. Get underground.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20133:07 pm

Moore, get to safe spot. Storm headed straight for you.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20132:56 pm

I-44 on Bailey Turnpike. Tornado on ground. WATCH:

KFOR-TV May 20, 20132:53 pm

MidDel school buses being held. No children out on buses at this time.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20132:52 pm

Possible tornado headed for Newcastle casino. Take shelter. Baseball-size hail.

KFOR-TV May 20, 20132:50 pm

Tornado Warnings: Garvin County, Stephens County, Grady County, Carter County.

KFOR-TV May 19, 201310:09 pm

No classes Monday for Bethel Acres and Little Ax. School canceled after tornadoes.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20139:26 pm

Gov. Fallin has declared a state of emergency for 16 Okla. counties.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20138:57 pm

1 Day Ranch offering to take care of live stock & animals if your ranch was damaged in tornadoes. MORE:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20138:51 pm

Traffic backed up 5 to 7 miles on I-40 and Highway 177 in Shawnee where semis blown off overpass. Find alternate route.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20137:57 pm

Some of worst damage we have seen so far is in the Twin Lakes area and the area just outside of Wellston. PHOTOS:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20137:17 pm

Stay away from Waterloo & Sorghum Mill Rd. Crews working to help with residents & tornado damage in that Edmond area.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20137:16 pm

Red Cross confirmed they have received word of a person killed near Dale, Okla. where a tornado passed through earlier. This is the first confirmed fatality from these tornadoes.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20137:13 pm

Storm trackers reporting debris falling from sky near Stroud. Working to confirm where debris came from. Possibly Shawnee about 30 miles away.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20137:10 pm

New Tornado Warnings issued: Creek, Lincoln, Pottawatomie counties under warning.


KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:55 pm

Two tornadoes on ground one northwest of Shawnee, the other northeast of Shawnee. Second one is smaller. Get to safe spots.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:53 pm

Major damage from tornado north of I-40 in Shawnee and a second one forming behind it.

Reed Timmer on storm with debris flying through air. Hit houses in area. Cars flipped. Semi rolled in NW Shawnee.


KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:46 pm

Tornado headed straight for Shawnee mall. Take cover.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:35 pm

Multiple power flashes with large tornado on ground near Bethel Acres. Headed for Shawnee. Get underground.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:26 pm

Tornado headed straight for Shawnee. Take shelter. Be in safe spot. Watch live streaming coverage

KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:17 pm

Bethel Acres, storm headed for you. Must be below ground. Storm is too strong for closet, bathroom.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20136:02 pm

Tornado reported on northwestern side of Lake Thunderbird. Stay weather aware:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:56 pm

Debris ball in Norman on Main St. near 36th St. and 48th St. Get to safe spot. Heading to cross Lake Thunderbird.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:45 pm

Developing tornado over Main St. and I-35. Get to safe spot. LIVE WEATHER UPDATES:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:41 pm

Possible developing tornado over Norman near Main St. and Lindsey St. West of Norman HS. GET TO SAFE SPOT.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:32 pm

Tornado sirens going off in Norman.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:26 pm

Ping pong ball to baseball-sized hail in Cleveland County. Large hail reported near Norman.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:23 pm

TORNADO WARNING issued for Norman; Cleveland, McClain counties.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:15 pm

Power flashes in Carney. GET TO SAFE SPOT. Get live weather coverage on mobile device:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20135:02 pm

Debris & power poles down in Fallis.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:57 pm

Carney, get out of way & underground. Closet won’t work with this tornado headed for you.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:53 pm

Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot Jon Welsh said Harrah/Luther tornado took out homes, ripped trees from ground. Wellston, get to safe spot.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:48 pm

Tornado on ground northeast of Harrah power plant. GET TO SAFE SPOT.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:45 pm

TORNADO WARNING in effect for Lincoln County. Stay 4Warned with LIVE STREAMING weather coverage:

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:44 pm

According to Kevin Ogle, lots of debris from tornado in Edmond near 15th St. and Bryant. Brick walls down. No homes leveled. Just trees & roof damage.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:43 pm

Supercell near Blanchard coming up Highway 9 could mean trouble Goldsby, Norman. Has potential for tornado.

KFOR-TV May 19, 20134:37 pm

Tornado confirmed on ground in Edmond. Damage confirmed, emergency crews on scene.