$65,000 and two semi-trailers full of relief supplies make their way to KFOR-TV

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It's been an heart-wrenching day for all of us at KFOR-TV -- but one thing that has continued to remind us that Oklahomans are one of a kind have been the overwhelming outpouring of cash donations and needed relief supplies.

Since before dawn today, the cars and trucks have been circling into the front parking lot of KFOR Studios in an endless chain. Cash, checks, supplies, and more have made their way from generous Oklahomans to truckload after truckload headed mostly for the Salvation Army at Crossroads Mall near Moore.

We've seen people get out of their cars and walk up to help organize and transport all these supplies - and some have been here since before the sun rose today. Sparky Belote noticed a need for traffic management in front of the station and worked 12 hours directing traffic before taking a break. Numerous volunteers have pitched in effort today. The sight has been incredible for us at KFOR. The generosity of Oklahomans, as usual, knows no bounds.

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