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Tearful reunion for Briarwood students days after tornado struck their school

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MOORE, Okla. - Students from Briarwood Elementary had a chance to meet and say goodbye to their teachers Thursday during a meeting at Wayland Bonds Elementary.

Briarwood third grader Brianna Roper said, "I'm actually pretty happy; it will be good for me."

It was exciting, yet somber day for students. Gerald Carney recently retired from Briarwood.

He was a crossing guard so he knew most of the children.

Carney said his heart sank when he heard Briarwood was hit.

He said, "I was kind of lost. I didn't know how my children were doing."

While it was a happy day with hugs, balloons and stuffed animals, the memories of Monday won't soon fade.

Cameron Clark, a Briarwood student, "I saw it was totally destroyed. My eyes were watering. I was wondering if all my friends were OK."

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