Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College transforms into tornado distribution center

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MOORE, Okla. - In a mere 24 hours, the gym at Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College has turned into a superstore of sorts.

"Cleaning products, a lot of paper towels, we have a lot of water, rice, food products, we've got about anything you need," volunteer Dennis Teague said.

From here, volunteers spiral out, bringing aid to storm victims all over the metro. Those same victims can come to the college for anything they need.

"You've just gotta do it. And you pray the Lord will give you wisdom to do it right.  And to, ugh, to love on those people that come through," Teague said.

One of the charities working out of Hillsdale College is Matthew 25 Ministries.

In four hour shifts, volunteers go on foot to the neighborhoods hardest hit by the EF 5 tornado.

Since many of the victims have no way to get to Hillsdale, this group takes the much-needed relief to them.

"These people are amazing," CEO Tim Mettey said. "You know, we go up to people and we're like, 'Do you need anything,' and their first thing is like 'No, we don't need anything,' and we say, 'But you've lost a lot' and they say, 'Well, we don't want to take more when somebody possibly might need it more than we do,'" CEO Tim Mettey said.

The center at the Hillsdale Gym is open around the clock until further notice.