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Man comes eye to eye with monster tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - When he saw a massive tornado heading right for his house, Gus Alarcon did what most Oklahomans do: he went outside to get a better look.

Ignoring his wife's warnings, he stayed on his porch filming the funnel until it finally went away.

Many people say Alarcon is crazy for not taking shelter; but for him, running just wasn't an option.

"I have been waiting my whole life to see one." He said. "I think that's probably what made me stay."

His curiosity satisfied, he says it wasn't until after that he realized how much devastation the storm caused.

"We're lucky to have a house. That's our main thing." Alarcon said. "These poor people out there who have lost their lives and houses...that's what the tragedy is."

Gus is now surviving without electricity, and sections of his neighborhood are totally destroyed. He says he values his souvenir of the storm: an amazing piece of video.

"It was an awesome sight to see and I wasn't going to let it go. Once I saw it afterwards I was like...it was close."

Gus Alarcon was born in Texas and lived in England before moving to Oklahoma.He says he started hoping to see a tornado when he moved here.