Buried alive: stranger holds hand of tornado victim

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MOORE, Okla -- Most people run away from danger. Shonbray Johnson ran straight toward it Monday afternoon.

Knowing there were 10 elderly patients at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, the dedicated nurse knew she had to go back, regardless of consequences. She said, "They weren't able to get out in the wind, hail. We stayed together."

The staff here created a barrier of blankets, pillows and furniture to protect themselves and the patients.

Moments later the building took a direct hit. Johnson told us, "Oh it hit us. It hit us head on.
There were cars that flew through the building, a blessing none hit us."

Johnson was buried alive. Her left arm was pinned under a mountain of debris.

Determined to live, she managed to free the other arm and call 9-1-1. She told the dispatcher, "I don't know who is alive. Nobody is sceaming. One person was trapped under the fridge. Please help us. The guy was so sweet. It's going to be okay."

Within minutes, a stranger carved a path through all this debris. He offered her and the others comfort, water and assured them they weren't going to die.

He even held Johnson's hand 2 full hours until fire fighters were able to reach the victims. "Fire fighters tried to pull him out. He said NO. I'm not going anywhere. He said he would and he did," According to Johnson.

There were a multitude of injuries, but miraculously all 14 people made it of here out alive.

EMSA medic, Jim Winham said, "It's thanks to courageous people like Shonbray, our first responders and a mystery man who was a light in the darkness."

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