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Mother protects special needs son during tornado

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MOORE, Okla. – A mother took cover in a closet with her special needs son during Monday’s tornado. Maria Young covered her son Charlie, 27, with her body as the house collapsed around them. Charlie is unable to walk and depends on his family.

“He is probably about 200 pounds and I just ran down the stairs as fast as I could with him and I yelled to my mom to clean out the closet,” Charlie’s brother Shawn Wilson said.

Wilson then took cover in a nearby bathroom. The powerful tornado tore through their home. Wilson climbed out of the bathroom to find his brother and mom a few feet from the closet. They were both alive.

“When God tells you he wants you, you are there, but when he doesn’t; he wasn’t ready for us,” Maria Young said.

Young suffered a broken leg and had several bruises. Her two sons are doing ok.

Their home was destroyed.

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