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Moore man refuses to leave tornado-torn home

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MOORE, Okla. - The Moore tornado ravaged many homes last week.

He refused to leave his tornado-torn home in the days following the tornado.

Curtis Snyder spray-painted his garage, "Everything is OK here."

Curtis Snyder didn't want to leave his property, because he didn't want to leave his things unprotected from looters.

Snyder stayed at his house in the evacuation zone, even though there was no running water and no electricity for days.

Police officers and emergency crews pleaded with Snyder to leave, but he would not budge.

About one day after first speaking with NewsChannel 4, Snyder finally broke down and decided to leave his property to spend the night in a hotel.

"I needed some sleep. The police officers and the national guard, I got to where I knew all of them. They watched my house real good. I was happy about that." said Snyder.

He still spends the daytime hours at his home, cleaning up.

Snyder's home insurance company has totalled his house.

Last week, he met OKC Thunder player Serge Ibaka as the team was touring his neighborhood.

Snyder has had some trouble with looters since leaving his home.

They have used his bathroom, and taken things from his house.

He said they did not steal anything significant.

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