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Moore’s tiniest of tornado survivors rides out storm after birth

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MOORE, Okla. - Baby Kellan may be one of the youngest Moore Tornado survivors.

He was not even two hours old when the tornado hit Moore Medical Center.

His mom Lacy Jacobs took cover with Kellan right before the tornado hit.

"We got loaded up in the wheelchair and went downstairs and took cover in the cafeteria of the Moore hospital," she said. "So I climbed down out of my wheelchair and got on the floor and me and my nurse huddled together and I held him and Matt and my son huddled behind us and we just all huddled together."

Dad, Matt Jacobs, said it was like nothing he'd heard before.

"We were hearing all these explosions and things hitting the building," he said. "From what we hear there was a car in our hospital room where our hospital bed was."

Lacy said Kellan didn't let out a peep.

"He was awake, he was the most alert newborn I've ever seen," she said. "I remember his eyes being open and just looking around."

Moments after the storm passed, the family made their way over to the Warren Theatre.

Mom and baby were checked out and taken to another medical facility.

The family is now home and happy Kellan is such a good baby.

"Maybe he's trying to let you rest and recover and that's why he's being such a good baby, so we won't trade him."

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