Moore starts curbside cleanup after tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - As you pass from house to house in the neighborhoods of Moore, you'll see debris piles stacked high and pushed to the curb.

After that, a lot of property owners are wondering what happens next?

"I don't know how long it takes them," said Robert Sobrito.

Sobrito traveled from Arizona to lend an extra hand; he has seen the pick up strategy but doesn't really understand it.

"We were at a house yesterday and once we got everything to the curb the city was right there to take it," said Sobrito. "For here I don't know when they are going to come by."

Heavy winds and upcoming storms could send debris flying at any moment.

Homeowners are left waiting and watching for dump trucks to come and take it away so that they can start from scratch.

Kevin Pickens lost everything on May 20; he didn't have to look at his 15-foot pile of mess for long.

The city has already come and relieved him of his debris but his neighbors haven't been as lucky.

He said if he were them, he wouldn't be able to leave it alone.

"Probably still going through it and being really stressed out," Pickens said. "It's just really stressful, your stuff is in there but you can't get it."

Even with storms in the near future, City of Moore officials said they still want everyone to have enough time to pick through what's left before it's gone forever.

Assistant City Manager Stan Drake said he unfortunately has too much experience with the clean up process.

"I think they are tired of looking at it," said Drake. "I know I am. When we get going we are going to clean this city up and we're coming back. We're going to get new homes going up. That's our goal. The sooner the better."

Until then the City of Moore and Oklahoma City will be adding more and more trucks as the days go by for anyone not wanting to hire a private contractor.

They are just asking the community for their patience.

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