Power outage halts business downtown

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Downtown Oklahoma City was without power Thursday for nearly three hours.

Thankfully, this one wasn't storm related but it did affect a lot of people.

More than 1,500 were without power during peak business hours.

The power first went out just after 2 p.m.

Workers restored the electricity completely by 5 p.m.

OG&E blames a bad switch at a substation.

Officials said that stopped the flow of electricity, knocking out the lights for businesses and building on several blocks.

That included the library where people like Sharon Lain were trying to do business.

"It affects us a lot because I was looking to get on the computer so I could look for a job and can't even do that," Sharon Lain said.

The jail was also powerless.

When lights and power went out down there, workers stepped up security.

"Visitation for today has temporarily been cancelled until power can come back up and obviously when we don't have electricity inmates are placed on lock down for security issues," Mark Myers said.

He said the jail switched to their generator to power some lights and security cameras.

OG&E officials said they expect the fix at the substation to maintain the power in the future.

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