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What to do if stuck on road during tornado

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If you are caught on the road during a tornado, many think getting underneath an overpass will protect you.

Turns out, it actually has the opposite effect.

We introduced you to Geary and Suzan Whaley earlier in the week with their incredible tornado video.

Suzan and Geary knew better than to get under the overpass but they tornado still didn’t spare them.

Suzan got out her cell phone and starting recording when the pair realized a tornado was forming in front of them.

It is amazing the two lived through, and recorded, what happened next.

The tornado picked up their SUV and hurled it off the road, camera rolling the whole time.

Geary was thrown from the vehicle and survived.

Suzan rode out the storm inside the car.

So what should you do if ever caught in that situation?

You have to make a quick decision. If you have enough time, get out of the way of the twister. 

Travel 90 degrees to the right or 90 degrees to the left to get out of its path. 

If you don’t have time for that, get out of your car and get into a low-lying area like a tin horn or ditch. 

But you never want to go under an overpass. 

Why? Basic physics.

The narrowing of an overpass will funnel the winds making them stronger. 

They could suck you out from under and into the storm.

You don’t run that risk out in the open.

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