Families forced out of Moore apartments with days to pack

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MOORE, Okla. - The Greens Apartment Complex in Moore is sending some if it's residents packing with only three days to be out.

Some families came home Thursday night to find an eviction letter taped to their door.

"Yeah June 3," said Bobby Williams. "It's right there. Three days. And they hang this on your door at night."

Residents Bobby Williams, Kayla Kelly and Jasmine Norman still aren't sure where they are going to go but the complex has given them the option to come back once the repairs are done.

The Greens suffered minor damage from the May 20 tornado and all three families were even allowed to come back just days later.

"They said that we could come back here and everything would be okay, said Jasmine Norman. "We had electricity, water. That note was on my door yesterday so now we have to leave again."

The complex hasn't told the residents much. They've said the apartments are unlivable and if you received the letter you have no choice.

Kayla Kelly is trying to stay positive.

"I realize three days isn't a lot," said Kelly. "But if it's for my safety I'm okay with it."

Jasmine Norman and her daughter haven't even settled in yet. They just moved in a little over a month ago.

"I was just getting organized," said Norman. "But I have to I guess pack up."

After last week, this is the last thing she thought she would be doing today.

"It's really unexpected," said Norman. "I had no idea."

She says she is lucky that she has a great little helper in Akira. Her daughter provided some comedic relief while they packed.

Some aren't sure what they are going to do with just three days to decide.

"I guess I'm moving back to my mom's house," said Kelly.

We've reached out to Lindsey Management with no response. The families have talked to the corporate office. They were told that not everyone has to be out, but if they received the letter they don't have a choice.

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