Flooded Oklahoma River making catfishing easy

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As tragic as flooding can be to a community like Oklahoma City sometimes high water can provide unexpected surprises. One of those surprises was discovered by a couple of fisherman down on the Oklahoma River.

As they approached the flooded river to do a little cat fishing they noticed that dozens, maybe hundreds of flat head catfish had become trapped in shallow water over a spillway and were scurrying around to find deeper water.

One of the fishermen waded into the shallow water and attempted some low-water noodling. The catfish were not that cooperative and gave the fisherman a hard time.

We don't know how many they caught, but the legal limit in Oklahoma, per fisherman, is 10 flat head. Each fish needs to be a minimum of 20 inches. These fish will likely perish if they are not able to get back to deeper waters.

Many of our viewers and visitors captured photos of the storms from May 31st. Below is a gallery of some of those photos:

High winds and tornadoes broke out across the state May 31st followed by severe flooding. Many of our viewers and visitors captured some amazing photos.

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