Plaza Towers teacher survives second tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - There's not much left to wake up to at the Dooley farm in Moore.

Their property was in the cross-hairs of Friday night's tornado.

Their acreage is littered with debris and splintered trees.

The home of more than a decade is unlivable.

Sam Dooley said, "What do you say? I can't believe it. We salvaged a camper. It's not in great shape but I can't live in the house."

One tornado is more than anyone should have to endure; this makes two for Sam Dooley.

She's a special needs teacher and was working at Plaza Towers Elementary May 20.

Like so many others, Sam put her life on the line to protect the school children.

Dooley was badly injured but the kids in her care all survived.

She told us, "I was so thankful to have a house, my own bed. Thankful for that. Then Friday when the tornado came, it took our house."

The family has been overwhelmed with love and support from family, friends and neighbors.

Through tears, Frank Dooley said, "It was hailing and rain was coming down on us. They still came, soaking wet and helped us."

And despite an unfair "double assault" from Mother Nature, nothing will ever chase away these courageous Oklahomans.

Sam Dooley said, "Life goes on, no matter what."

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