Body found in Oklahoma River after tornadoes, flooding

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Rescue crews make a gruesome discovery in the Oklahoma River.

Tuesday morning fire crews pulled the body of a man from the water.

Emergency crews said they believe that body belongs to one of the victim's swept away after Friday's storms.

Crews first spotted a capsized boat in water in the river when they found that body.

Rushing water has made searching the river dangerous.

After closing a spillway, the male body was pulled from water twisted in debris.

"You can imagine with the rain, the debris we've had, he was caught in the debris and we've had issues getting it untangled," OKC Fire's Tony Davis said.

The body recovered is believed to be 21-year-old Timothy Shrum, although positive ID is pending.

Even the family was kept from seeing the body.

"I don't know anything until I see my son's body to know it's him," Shallen Shrum said.

Shallen said, aside from Timothy, three other young kids still remain missing in the river.

"I still have my 6-month-old Alexis, 3-year-old Terra and 4-year-old Destiny, all missing at this time," Shrum said.

Fire crews said the search continues for those tiny bodies, although the rushing waters have slowed those efforts.

"We will continue to work the shoreline," OKC Fire's Brian Stanaland said. "We have three kids missing. It's just too unsafe to put divers in the water right now."

In the meantime along the Deep Fork, fire crews and volunteers continue combing that creek looking for Yolanda Santos.

Her body also missing since being washed away in Friday's flood waters.

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