Many still without power for days to come

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OKLAHOMA CITY - OG&E crews are working around the clock to restore power to areas affected by Friday's tornado outbreak.

Cheryl Bowman rode out the tornadoes in her bathtub with her dog, Muffin, covered by a blanket and pillow, fearing the worst.

"I was like, 'Oh God, I'm all by myself, what do I do?' And then I heard the clattering of a whole bunch of stuff from the tornado landing on the roof."

Cheryl has been going blind for the last 25 years.

When the storm passed, her already murky world was pitch black.

"I hate it," she said. "People think if you're blind it doesn't bother you not to have lights. That's not true."

Cheryl's power was out for almost two days.

Unable to cook her food, she ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until OG&E fixed her electricity.

But many people are not as lucky as Cheryl.

"It makes me feel awful that they don't have power and I do."

Thousands of customers are still in the dark and it could be days until the damage from the storm is undone.

A new timeline released by OG&E on Tuesday details which areas should have power restored in the coming days.

It's expected that some homes won't have power until this Friday.

"I've been feeling like I should go get them and bring them over to the house." Cheryl said. "You just know that you're all by yourself. There's no help nowhere."

If you want to report an outage to OG&E call 1-800-522-6870.

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