ODOT plans for emergency repairs of N.E. 23rd St. after flooding

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The storms that came through Friday not only left behind destruction from tornadoes but the rain left several areas flooded.

Along N.E. 23rd St. the flood waters washed out part of the highway, reducing traffic to just one lane each direction.

The massive hole spread quickly, washing out part of the street which is also Highway 62.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials said nearly 20,000 vehicles travel that road daily.

ODOT Spokesperson Terri Angier said, "This is technically not a sinkhole. It's not a ground void but the water causing a washout."

23rd st washout

Saturday morning Bob Moore Chopper 4 was over the scene as water rushed over the roadway eroding away the land and part of the road.

While the water has started to recede, it has left behind a mess.

Angier said, "It looks a lot worse than it actually is."

ODOT is responsible for repairing the road and they have already received permission to begin emergency repairs.

Angier said, "This process can normally take months. We are doing it in hours and days."

The agency is trying to keep the road open to traffic.

Crews have diverted traffic out of the damaged lanes.

ODOT authorities encourage drivers to find an alternate route, possibly going as far south as I-40 for their commute.

ODOT is hoping to keep excess strain off of the road. 23rd st washout wide

While they work on emergency repair plans for the road they hope there won't be anymore rain to cause more damage.

Angier said, "We're hoping if there is any more moisture, it goes west a little bit and soak in and not in a swift manner."

ODOT is working on plans for those emergency repairs; the work could even start in the next few days.

They said they are hoping the $575,000 project will be completed in as little as five to six weeks.

In the meantime, they hope drivers will find an alternate route if possible.

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