Dementia patient survives four days in the woods

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Neighbors said Carl Barnes has a tendency to wander off.

Buffie Davis told us, “Usually when he takes off we find him in this neighborhood.”

Billy Davis added, “One time he was on top of the shed and my dad put him on his shoulder and brought him back down.”

But Saturday, the Oklahoma City man vanished from his south side home without a trace.

A silver alert was issued but yielded no results.

With severe weather and weekend flooding in the area, family members feared the worst.

Relative Veronica Mcasland said, “We’ve been upset, worried. We’ve been dealing with police. They’ve been dealing with tornado victims but our grandfather was alive.”

Police did search the area by foot and from above on Saturday.

But it wasn’t until Wednesday, mid-morning, a neighbor heard his yells for help.

The 86-year-old man with dementia had apparently fallen in some thick brush behind his home.

The senior citizen was partially dressed and incoherent according to Billy Ring.

“At least he had a canopy to protect him from the weather, he said. “He had mud all over his face. Just glad we found him.”

EMSA medics raced Mr. Barnes to an area hospital.

He’s being treated for cuts, bruises and extreme dehydration but family members said he’s expected to be OK.

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