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Moms feed families with special dietary needs

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Survivors of the tornado continue to rely on food from churches, food banks, the Red Cross and FEMA.

Becky Matlack is orchestrating a grassroots effort to feed families with special diets. 

“We're a bunch of moms that have food allergy kids,” she said.

Her daughter, Ginny, is severely allergic to peanuts. 

“I had two reactions and I had to go the hospital,” Ginny said.

These food donations will help keep other kids safe.

Getting the donations hasn't been the problem.

Already they’ve collected over 2,000 pounds of food-allergy friendly food.

The food is reaching some tornado victims, but volunteers say word has been slow to get out.

“People don't have their TV right now,” Rachel McCarty said. “They don't have their radio.”

Support and food continues to pour in from all over the country. Angel Service Dogs, A3 Support Group, Oklahoma Food Allergy Awareness Coalition, Peanut Free Planet, and private donors have been pivotal in providing this relief to displaced Oklahoma families.

If you’re a family in need of food-allergy friendly foods, contact: Becky Matlack & Oklahoma Food Allergy Support Group at 405-367-3736.

Facebook: OK Food Allergy Support Group

Food/supplies can be picked at Cherokee Hills Church of Christ
6724 N.W. 63rd St.,Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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