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Bobbie Steeley is this week’s Pay it 4ward Recipient

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LITTLE AXE, OK -- Tonight as we pay it forward we're focusing on one of the thousands of Oklahomans who've gone above and beyond to help others after the recent tornado outbreak.

In this segment we meet a woman who stepped into action to help organize her community so that the victims could get what they desperately needed.

Bobbie Steeley is this week’s Pay it 4ward Recipient.

When tornadoes came through our state on May 19th it was the first day of what was going to become weeks of touch down twisters; and devastation.

Little Axe and Newalla were some of the communities first hit. The damage was a compounding blow to these small towns. But nothing Bobby Steeley can't handle; juggling a job at the convenience store and tornado victim relief work.

"The first couple days they are in such shock and devastation they don't know and we kind of got to tell them do you need a toothbrush," Bobbie Steeley says. "It's just incredible how this community comes together and tries to take care of each other."

During good times Bobbie tries to make happy times happier with things like an annual Easter egg hunt. During bad times Bobbie jumped into action gathering essentials for tornado victims.

Dr. Tracy Elder with the International Alliance of Chaplain Corps says, "These women in the grassroots have been the best organized and everyone is coming here because they're friends and family and word of mouth they're more than a distribution sight. People are getting helped here."

Which is why Cheryl Anderson nominated Bobbie for Pay it 4ward.

"We are so happy that Cheryl nominated Bobbie for this award and we're very appreciative that Bobbie is going out and taking her time and her energy to rebuild the community. For that we are going to give her $400," Amie Trautman of Spirit Bank says.

"Cheryl we are so happy that you nominated Bobbie for our pay if 4ward program with Spirit Bank and on behalf of Spirit Bank and Channel 4 we have$ 400 to give to you," Trautman says.

"Hi Bobbie I'm Meg Alexander and we have a program called Pay it 4ward with Spirit Bank and your friend Cheryl nominated you and has something for you."
"This is from Spirit bank and Pay it 4ward from Spirit Bank I'd like to give you $400 to give you," Cheryl Anderson says.

A force of help is now the one surprised.

"Oh my god, thank you so much," Bobbie Steeley says.

Bobbie Steeley is one community member helping an entire community.