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Residents feel deserted after storm floods neighborhood

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - An entire neighborhood is still surrounded by flood waters with no end in sight.

Now residents at Riverside Mobile Home Park in Midwest City are speaking out against city officials who they say are ignoring their pleas for help.

"I get up at 1 in the morning, go to work through the water, come home now, try to rinse off when I get home, get it off of me."

James savage has to wade through the filthy water every day to get to and from work.

His trailer park flooded when the latest round of storms hit Oklahoma, bringing record amounts of rain and leaving streets submerged.

"Literally, like it`s waist high almost." Savage said. "So in order for me to get food in and out I`ve got a bucket. I got get my bucket, I put food in it, and I just use the bucket like a boat."

Everyone in this neighborhood has a story like his.

People have been living with dirty, stagnant water right outside their front doors.

They said the smell is disgusting and it's up to 4-feet deep in some places.

They're all wondering why Midwest City isn't doing anything to help.

Most of the flooding is on public streets and residents say they've been paying storm water removal fees to the city for years.

Steven Palenko owns Riverside Mobile Home Park and says it's been a frustrating week.

"We could see sewer coming up from the manholes because they wouldn`t put a generator on their sewer pump out station. They just turned it off and walked away."

Palenko also says the city even gave him a ticket and a warning to find a way to get rid of the water himself in 10 days or he would be fined or put in jail.

Residents are upset that they're being neglected and forced to rebuild all on their own.

"What did I pay a water bill for? What am I paying trash service for? What`s the city supposed to do? Nothing." Mark Delung said.

"I don`t understand why the city won`t do anything to help us," Palenko said.

Palenko said neighbors are taking turns standing guard throughout the day and night because there's no police protection there to protect their homes from looters.

Midwest City released this statement:

"The City has a great deal of concern for safety and welfare of the residents that remain in park and for those who have previously evacuated. After reviewing the situation today at Riverside and meeting with several agencies involving primarily water quality and safety issues, we are still closely monitoring the situation. The City is working with the cooperation of the mobile home park owner to pump the water out of the south end of the mobile home park in order to alleviate our safety and environmental concerns. We are in the process of locating and procuring a large portable pump to drop in the southeast corner of the park to assist in expediting the draining of the mobile home park."