A waiting game for family as backyard erodes into swollen river

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The Buford's have been watching their backyard erode into the North Canadian River for six days now. As each day has passed they've become more nervous.

"After the water went down Saturday it just started breaking off in big chunks," said Gary Buford. "When they were going in it sounded like buildings falling in. I knew then that this river was in trouble. Or I was in trouble! The river was fine."

They weren't sure how serious their situation was going to get but they've been told that the home they love will be gone in a few days.

"When the Oklahoma River opens their dam and has to let water out which they're going to have to do, then this will crest again," said Rhonda Buford. "And when it does its already eating from underneath where this house is at so it's just a matter of time."

It's making Rhonda Buford sick to see it all go but she is staying positive.

"We both have jobs. We're all okay," said Rhonda Buford. "Can't ask for much more than that."

"Done a lot of crying," said Gary Buford. "A lot of hugging and a lot of watching."

In just a few days the Buford's will lose their home at Northeast 36th and Triple X Rd. to the Canadian River. They've been watching their backyard slowly since saturday.

"We tried to go on with our lives," said Gary Buford. "But it's pretty hard when everything you love is falling apart."

Yesterday it became more then they could take so they called for help.

"We called our congressman and said hey we need some help we are about to lose everything," said Gary Buford."They said they'd get us some help and I mean within two hours we had 60 people out here. It was amazing."

The Red Cross, FEMA, Operation Blessing and friends and family all came to rescue.

"60 people packing up. I don't even know where most of my stuff is," said Gary Buford. "But I know it's safe. It's not here!"

The Buford's are calling it the "Oklahoma Standard" at work.

"It's just kind of overwhelming but in another way it's absolutely wonderful because of the people," said Rhonda Buford.

"I've traveled to New York. Traveled to Los Angeles," said Gary Buford. "But I guarantee ya there's no place like Oklahoma."